Assembly Facility

Transcon Steel can help transition your existing operation into an assembly facility for cold formed steel pre-panelized walls, floors, and truss systems.
An assembly facility requires minimal investment since a typical facility will receive pre-fabricated components and will only perform minimal work with fabrication of parts.

Transcon Steel can assist in marketing your Assembly Facility and help develop jobs once training and installation has been completed.
We believe in cross marketing. A manufacturing plant should work closely with a regional assembly facility so that pre-panelized materials can be cost-effectively sold and delivered to construction jobsites.

  • Assembly Facility Options
    • Cold Formed Steel
      Floor and Wall Panels –
      Transcon Steel has over 35 years of combined panelizing expertise. Your shop can be retrofitted to include innovative panelizing tables for rapid production of precision panels.

      Transcon Steel can train your personnel with the knowledge to create:
      • Complete Sets of Shop and Field Assembly Drawings.
      • Order and or Produce Pre-Cut Components
      • Quality Panels with Best Practices for Marking, Panel Sizes, Assembly, and Handling.
      • Create Jobsite Safety Loading Diagrams and Material Handling Procedures.

      Cold Formed Steel Trusses – Metal Trusses are being specified more commonly than ever before. Transcon Steel can establish a cold formed steel truss assembly operation for your business; allowing you more sales opportunities.
      • Design and Engineering of Trusses.
      • Design and Engineering of Bracing and Truss Connections.
      • Shipment of all Truss Parts and Accessories Pre-Cut to Length for ease of assembly.
      • Truss Labels - Handling Safety, Bearing Points, Bracing, and Connection Locations.
      • Complete Set of Shop and Field Erection Documents.

      EPS Profiled Products – Transcon Steel can provide your operation with two-axis or three-axis EPS cutting equipment and the raw block material within specified densities from 1.0 - 1.7 lbs per cubic foot (0.042 - 0.07 kg/m2).
      • EPS Profiled block is used in construction for decorative finishes. Most profiles receive a finished plaster or stucco finish.
      • Transcon Steel can provide you operation with standard and custom profiles of decorative parts.