Plant Operations

Effective management and profit potential is directly impacted by how you run your business and the mastery of business skills your personnel retain.

To be competitive and profitable, your fabrication or manufacturing personnel must have in-depth knowledge of the business procedures shown below.
Transcon Steel can save your start-up business thousands of man hours by providing all of the necessary documents and implementation training.
Giving you a head start over your local competition; therefore, lower risk and potential for higher profits.

Transcon Steel can provide the required training, forms and manuals for all internal operations.
The training encompasses all aspects of effective plant and operational management.
Each training program is offered to individuals or groups.

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  • General Operations
      • Human Resources/Personnel
      • Business Finance
      • Sales & Marketing
      • Production Management
      • Construction Management
      • Statistics & Business Reporting
      • Research & Development
  • Personnel
      • Hiring Procedures
      • Employee Testing
      • Human Resource Manual & Forms
  • Education of Others
      • Jobsite Personnel
      • Engineers and Architects
      • Building Code Officials
      • Your Vendors
  • Marketing
      • Effective Brochures & Flyers
      • Target Marketing Best Practices
      • Access to Transcon Steel's Image Gallery of Successful Projects and Case Studies
      • Transcon Steel's Experience to Help You Build Client Confidence as You Grow Your Business
  • Distribution and Sales Models
      • How-to and When-to Establish Local Distributors and Necessary Legal Contracts
      • Guidance with Product Sales Strategies between Direct Sales vs. Sales Channels
      • Education Materials for Your Distributors for Each Product. What Materials Are Required For Success.
  • Pre-Sale Project Management
      • Guidance and Support with Design Requirements of Buildings
      • How to Estimate Materials for Engineering Design Requirements and Costs
      • How to Create Contract Documents & Client Expectations with Customized Templates
      • Create Project Checklists & Specification Review Best Practices
      • Quoting Strategies
  • Creating Shop and Field Erection Documents
      • Real-World Training with Various Required Design Programs
      • Truss Design Layouts, Engineering, and Assembly Files
      • Developing Connection Details
      • Designing Hybrid Structures with Wood, Concrete, Block, and Steel
      • Design Documentation Approval Procedures and Protection from Client Claims
  • Financial Management
      • Legal Structuring of Contracts to Your Best Interest and Protection
      • Invoicing and Billing Strategies Best Practices with invoices, deposits and collections
      • Cashflow Forecasting and Project Operational Budgets with Labor Benchmarking
      • Controlling the Customer and Deliverable Dates to avoid Cost overruns
  • Material Procurement
      • Ordering Materials to Project Specification
      • Negotiating Pricing and Long-Term Purchase Contracts
      • Stardardizing Vendor Bid Procedures for Raw Materials
      • Purchase Order Standards and Requirements
  • Production Scheduling
      • Scheduling of Materials and Personnel
      • Customizing and Importing Files into Automated Production Machinery
      • Organizing Multiple Shifts, "Stand-By" Crews and Product Process Flow-Through
  • Quality Control
      • Receiving Procedures with Documentation and Customized Forms for Your Business
      • Production Material Tolerances and Quality Control Procedures
      • Shop Assembly Best Practices and Procedures w/ Quality Audits and Management Forms
      • Material Handling and Material Storage Procedures (indoors vs. outdoors)
  • Safety
      • Shop Floor Safety Procedures and Training Literature
      • Jobsite Construction Material and Tool Handling Safety Procedures
  • Logistics
      • Establishing Carrier Relationships and Knowing What to Ask
      • Packaging, Safe Loading, and Transportation Best Practices
      • International Shipping, Harmonized Codes and Customs Forms and Procedures
  • Delegation and Time Management
      • When to Delegate Roles to 3rd Parties to Reduce Overhead and Increase Profit
      • When to Bring Delegated Roles into Internal Operations
      • Creating an Effective Team with Performance Deadlines (Arch, Eng, Builder, Owner, Vendors, and Internal Personnel)
  • Construction Management
      • Qualifying and Training the SubContractor
      • Establishing Staging of Materials and Construction Schedule
      • Inspection of Assembly for compliance with Engineering Requirements
      • Best Practices to Protect your Company from Cost Overruns Due to Material Damage or Jobsite Material Theft
      • Construction Progress Reports and Scheduled Meetings (Best Practices and Forms)